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Irrigation Works has moved to a boutique model and will be offering exclusive and highly technical service to larger systems, primarily pump driven and larger commercial projects.  

We have a hard cap on the number of accounts we will manage. We are referring clients to Rainscpaes to best serve their needs. 

Since 1999 we have built and serviced irrigation in this region. We are grateful for the support of our many loyal clients over the years. 

However, it is clear that there is a market for a company where the focus is less on volume and speed, and that these clients will pay a bit of a premium for more time and technical excellence. 

Small, extremely experienced and surrounded by upstarts with fractional experience, we are well suited to this model and it is one that we believe we can thrive in.  Modest in scope with an exclusive small client base in and around Knoxville.  If this sounds right for you please email and ask for details. 

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