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When do you activate systems?

Our season kicks off Monday April 1, 2024!

How much does it cost?

Do you offer annual packages?

Not in 2024. This season we are utilizing a demand pricing structure.

What areas do you service?

All of Greater Knoxville. We maintain some Legacy accounts up to an hour away. We are based in Fountain City in North Knoxville and can no longer make the drive to Tellico Village for service calls, a nearly 3 hour round trip.

Can you take on my existing system?

We cannot take on every call that we receive. This will depend on current demand along with your location and needs. It will also depend on the condition of the system. We maintain Minimum Standards for systems. This means your system must be up to a level of acceptability and not pose an exposure to us should we take it on. Examples of not meeting the Minimum Standards would be multiple visible broken heads and pipes, missing valve boxes, shoddy wiring and apathy about repairs along with a history of jumping contractors. We seek relationships over volume. 

Do you test bacfklows?

Yes. We are State of Tennessee Certified #7248. 

Do you offer consulting for DIY'ers?


What's the best brand to use? Do you service all brands?

Today the products are all decent. We do service all brands. Most of the commercial quality parts cannot be found at the big box stores, although they will have a few premium branded heads. Based on the years we have doing this we will choose a mix of products best suited for each application based on longevity and performance. 

Who owns Irrigation Works?

Matt Hinton

Will Irrigation Works bid my service call? 

Only if it is large (multiple day service)  not for basic service calls. Our rates for service are hourly. We can give you a very good idea of how much your call will be based on the work you desire; this is non-binding however. 

Will Irrigation Works bid my new project? 

Yes. New projects are quantifiable. Written binding proposals are submitted. We ask you to be present when we review your project for a new sprinkler system.

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