Our 2019 Rates and Billing:



We have a one hour minimum to dispatch a truck to you. Around 75% of our calls result in only a one hour labor charge. After the first hour we charge only for the number of minutes we remain on site. Specific areas may have a fuel & travel charge: Rockwood, Pigeon Forge, Dandridge, Middlesboro, Vonore and  other areas in excess of a thirty minute drive from Knoxville. 


Our 2019 Hourly rate: $95.00 After the 1st Hour: $1.58 per additional minutes needed. Remember, parts may be needed and are not included in the above rates.


Will Irrigation Works bid my service job? No. Our rates for service are hourly. We can give you a very good idea of how much your call will be based on the work you desire; this is non-binding however. To bid all of our service work would result in double dispatching of trucks, increased operational costs and workloads-and expense for you.


Will Irrigation Works bid my new project? Yes. New projects are quantifiable. Written binding proposals are submitted. We ask you to be present when we review your project for a new sprinkler system.


We are grateful for your business and ask you to keep your account in good standing. Should it be necessary to bill you, Irrigation Works invoices are due upon receipt, and will be considered late after 30 days. We will no longer extend billing to accounts with a late history.  Remember, our winterization program in the fall is pre-paid. 


Our policy is to send both an e-invoice to your inbox as well as copy via post to your property's mailing address. We require a valid e-mail address for billing privileges. This assists us with confirmations, follow up and e-invoice delivery.  Take advantage of the e-invoice and pay online for expediency. 

Simply click to pay online or print and mail.  As a process, in addition to e-mail, your ticket will be sent via post.

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