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Pack age (pak'ij) n.

To put together or offer as a unit by which a number of items  are offered as an inseparable unit.

Packages are optional and  available for purchase before Monday April 17th,  our seasonal package takes care of of most needs for the season and keeps your system running optimally. 

Don't need a package? Just click here for a service visit.

  • Visit 1: spring set up and examination up to one hour

  • Visit 2: an inseason coverage check, tune up or repair visit up to one hour

  • Visit 3: an inseason coverage check , tune up or repair visit up to one hour

  • Backflow test and certification (if applicable per each utility) or 1/2 hour tune up

  • Fall Winterization visit

Not included and possibly additional:
  • Parts. Any parts required for maintenance will be billed.

  • Labor over one hour will be billed at $1.5833 by the minute (so if you require and 1 1/2 hour on a visit we will bill you 1/2 hour, not a full hour.

  •  We will not use multiple visit credits for a single visit (you cannot use two package visits for a major repair).  

Think: activation, winterization, backflow testing if required, upkeep and tweaking and a repair when required. Minimum standards of acceptable performance are required to purchase a package.  Systems with known deficiencies or who have been advised of the need for considerable upgrades due to ongoing issues will not be sold packages.​ 

2017  Rates
  • $375.00 Non-pump driven residential under 13 stations (zones). 
  • $520.00 Pump driven systems or residential over 13 stations. Note, pump systems are generally larger, more complex and often require two technicians. 
Note: Package sign up form is also your activation request.
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