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2020 Winterization Program Details

Program dates:  Monday October, 19 - 1st. Week of December , 2020

Process: Forced air.  A large 180 cubic foot per minute compressor is utilized running at about 60 to 80 psi to introduce air into the system in lieu of water. This forces water out of the heads and leaves the pipes devoid of water to freeze. Systems that pump from a river or lake may also have a Eco friendly biodegradable antifreeze compound introduced into the pumping unit and casing. Systems tapped into the city water shall have the backflow device removed and left with the homeowner. By default these backflows are usually left near the sprinkler computer or in the garage.  

Cost: $88.00 13 or fewer stations and tapped at water meter.

          $95.00 14 or more stations.

          $125.00 if you are pumping from a river or lake 

          Some properties, such as in Dandridge, Newport, Sevierville, Vonore and Laffolette, may have a 

          time/fuel surcharge. You will be notified in advance if this applies to you. 

Terms: We extend billing privileges after our services to you throughout the spring and summer. Annually, we ask you to pre-pay this particular visit with us. With a tight schedule of a few weeks, we must visit every account we service. This exact matching of capacity to demand and building of tight routes is important, as our times our guaranteed, and work must be executed prior to hard freezes. Your prepayment is fully refundable, for any reason, up until the time of your service. With prepayments, there is no confusion about who requested a visit.  Learn more here about billing and terms.

Pre-booked: If you have an ongoing service relationship with Irrigation Works, or purchased a package of services, we have probably  pre-booked your vist!  Be looking for notices in your email inbox.

We will detach your backflow and 
Store with you.
A proper compressor of at least 185 cubic feet per minute is utilized on this service. 
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